(COVID-19 Infection Prevention)

June 22, 2020

[About Event Policy]
To prevent the infection and spread of COVID-19, we will hold an event with the following measures in compliance with public guidance issued by Japanese government and Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The policy will be updated by Aug. 21 reflecting of the latest guidance at the time, so please check it before visiting the event. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

◆ Seats reservation required
Seats of all sessions at the venue need to be reserved to make the venue not to be overcrowded.
Procedures of the reservation will be informed to ticket holders later with a new session timetable. If the application exceeds the capacity, it will be a lottery selection. Those who cannot attend the real venue can watch sessions online via live broadcasting with original voices.

◆ Cooperation with public health center
Please note that the personal information such as names and contact addresses of ticket holders might be provided to the local public health center if necessary, in case any of participants is infected by COVID-19.

◆ Temperature check
At the main reception, temperature check will be taken for all visitors. Visitors who have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher will not be allowed to enter the venue, even if he or she has seat reservation.

◆ All visitors at the venue are requested to;

  • ・Wear a face mask.
  • ・Wash and sanitize hands.
  • ・Ensure a social distance of about 2meter among people.
  • ・In principle, refrain from exchanging business cards by hand.

◆Refrain from physical visit to the event if any of the following symptoms occur

  • ・Having symptoms of sick (cold)
  • ・Having a fever of 37.5 ℃ or higher
  • ・Feeling a strong fatigue
  • ・Having a breathing difficulty
  • ・Visiting countries/regions where the COVID-19 infection has continued to expand within the past two weeks

  1. ◆ Measures at the venues & sessions

    ① Symposium / Workshop venue

    • ・Instead of printed materials or programs, there will be online programs and documents accessible via smartphones, PDAs or PCs. Programs will also be displayed on the panel in front of the hall entrance.
    • ・There will have no table, chairs only. The number of seats is limited to make a 1.5m social distance.
    • ・We will sterilize all chairs before each session.
    • ・We will place hand sanitizers at the entrance.
    • ・We will disinfect hand rails and doors as often as possible.
    • ・Event staffs check their temperature daily and wear masks.
    • ・We will post an alert notice to prevent infection .
    • ・We will disinfect the microphones and PCs used by speakers every time the speaker changes.

  2. ② Foyer/Hallway (Corridor)

    • ・We will have hand sanitizers at various places.
    • ・We will take measures such as a facing mask during face-to-face conversations.
    • ・We will take care to keep personal distance well-spaced.
    • ・We will put poles on the hallway (corridor) to keep right hand traffic.
    • ・We will regularly open windows for ventilation.

  3. ③ Others

    • ・We will basically follow on the "New Infectious Disease Prevention Guidelines" of the organizer /operation staff.
    • ・To prevent infectious, lunches will not be provided. (Only bottles of water are available.)You are requested to bring a drink by yourself for prevention of heat stroke.