Note on virus infection prevention

Feb. 25 update
Note on virus infection prevention (Additional measures)
The BG2C、FIN/SUM BB secretariat will carry out the following measures to prevent infection of the new coronavirus.
We will place hand sanitizers at various locations across the venues. Audience seats will be placed at larger distances from each other. To make up for the smaller number of seats, we will add satellite locations in the same building. We also plan to live-cast the event over the internet. We will make all open sessions available to would-be participants with coughs, fever and/or other symptoms so they can take part without coming to the venues.
We ask participants and visitors to bring facemasks on your own since we find it very difficult to get hold of facemasks at this moment.

We would like to ask visitors and participants to the event to exercise infection control measures against coronavirus pneumonia and influenza, by wearing a facemask, frequently washing hands and gargling. Please endeavor to practice cough etiquette.
We also ask that you carefully consider giving up coming and not push yourself to participate if you have symptoms like coughing and fever.
Our staff and exhibitors’ personnel may wear facemasks. We ask for your kind understanding.