About media registration

Blockchain Global Governance Conference (BG2C)_FIN/SUM Blockchain&Business (FIN/SUM BB) is open to the media.

We accept registration of editors, reporters, photographers of newspapers/publishers, television, radio, and corporate online news or information sites, as well as those who have concluded coverage contracts with the above media. If this condition is not met, we may cancel your registration.

Press accreditations need to be registered in advance:

  • ①For your media pass, go back to the official page and click “Buy Tickets”. You will be redirected to the EventRegist page (https://eventregist.com/e/bg2c).
  • ②Input “PRESSBG2C” code in the promotion code box and click the "apply" button.
  • ③Free Media Pass option will appear. Select it and enter ticket amount and click big yellow “Registration” button.
  • ④Enter details of your information. Don’t forget to agree with T&Cs.
  • ⑤After you click “Confirm” button, the ticket will be sent by e-mail. You can also access it via mobile app or open the PDF with the QR code. Please have your QR code ready at the venue. Do not forget to bring your ID to the event.

The Code of Conduct has been applied to the event participants. Please read and register in advance.
In particular, the media-related items are as follows. Coverage, photography and recording of general participants (audience) are prohibited.

Excerpt from Code of Conduct
3. Still picture and photography at the Event may be permitted while not taking picture of audiences, to the extent that it does not interfere with the Event. However, video and audio recordings are basically prohibited, except in the following cases:

  • (a) Video and audio recordings made by the Organizers for the purpose of Internet streaming and recording of the Event. However, this provision shall apply only to speakers and presenters and not to the audiences.
  • (b) Video and audio recordings made by press officials (limited to those who have registered as press with the Organizer (Nikkei) in advance) that cover speakers and presenters at the venue for the purpose of news reporting. However, this shall not apply to the audiences.

4. In principle, while the intellectual property rights of the presenters at the Event belong to the presenter (or the speaker), the copyright of the article by the press who cover the Event shall belong to the author of the article. The session summary and presentation materials (including PowerPoint or similar presentation materials) for the Event shall assign the relevant rights to the Organizers for the use of them.

6. All conversations at the Event are dealt in accordance with the Chatham House Rule. Thus, participants can freely use all the information they have heard, but, unless the names and affiliations of the marketers and commentators are disclosed in advance, or in sessions that do not limit participants, information that identifies the speaker must not be disclosed.