Code of Conduct

Nikkei, Inc. and the FSA (the Organizers) set forth the Code of Conduct (the "CoC") as follows for the event they have organized (the Event). For all participants, including audiences, presenters, sponsors and press members, we hope that complying with the CoC will make the Event safe, respectful and fruitful for everyone.

1. Based on the fact that the Event is neutral for the future governance of blockchain technology and its use for society, guidance for the use of specific technologies, services and policies should be refrained in principle. Among others, excessive advertisements for a particular product or service is prohibited at the Event.

2. The scope of application of the CoC shall be as follows:

  • (a) The venue where the Event is held
  • (b) Remarks during networking activities inside and outside the venue, including welcome reception and dinners
  • (c) Online statements related to the Event

3. Still picture and photography at the Event may be permitted while not taking picture of audiences, to the extent that it does not interfere with the Event. However, video and audio recordings are basically prohibited, except in the following cases:

  • (a) Video and audio recordings made by the Organizers for the purpose of Internet streaming and recording of the Event. However, this provision shall apply only to speakers and presenters and not to the audiences.
  • (b) Video and audio recordings made by press officials (limited to those who have registered as press with the Organizer (Nikkei) in advance) that cover speakers and presenters at the venue for the purpose of news reporting. However, this shall not apply to the audiences.

4. In principle, while the intellectual property rights of the presenters at the Event belong to the presenter (or the speaker), the copyright of the article by the press who cover the Event shall belong to the author of the article. The session summary and presentation materials (including PowerPoint or similar presentation materials) for the Event shall assign the relevant rights to the Organizers for the use of them.

5. We prohibit harassment, unfair sabotage, or aggressive behavior as listed below at venues of the Event, including welcome reception and dinners:

  • (a) harassment based on the participant’s race, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, nationality, ethnicity, religion, or affiliation or attributes
  • (b) offensive comments
  • (c) verbal threats or demands
  • (d) sexual expressions in public places
  • (e) threatening behavior
  • (f) stalking
  • (g) sabotage of sessions or events
  • (h) undesirable contact or observations by the other party
  • (i) any other act of coercing others which is not suitable for the Event

6. All conversations at the Event are dealt in accordance with the Chatham House Rule. Thus, participants can freely use all the information they have heard, but, unless the names and affiliations of the marketers and commentators are disclosed in advance, or in sessions that do not limit participants, information that identifies the speaker must not be disclosed.

7. The participant who is requested by the Organizers to stop harassment stated in the paragraph 5 must immediately comply with instructions of the Organizers. The participant who violates the CoC may be expelled from the venue at the discretion of the Organizers without any refunding fee that paid by the participant.

8. Any concerns or questions concerning the CoC should be sent to